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Shunra Software, LLC was a privately held company that provided network virtualization solutions for software testing. On March 4, , HP announced that it. WAN, web, mobile and cloud networks. Shunra Network Virtualization improves an organization's ability to detect and remediate performance bottlenecks prior. About Shunra. When deploying applications across WAN, Web, Mobile or. Cloud- based networks, risk mitigation and cost avoidance are paramount. Today,

Micro Focus Network Virtualization software solutions emulate real-world network conditions so you can execute performance testing and remediate issues. Read 19 Shunra Customer Reviews & Customer References. and ensuring performance is optimized over mobile, Cloud and WAN before deployment. Shunra Software Ltd. Shunra is a trademark of Shunra Software. Ltd. All rights vi Double-click the WAN Cloud shape, access the Latency branch as.

Shunra Software this week will make available the latest revision of its product designed to not only model application performance on the LAN. A Shunra Software Datasheet Introducing Virtual Enterprise (VE) Cloud VE Cloud is a network . Shunra Software, Ltd. company research & investing information. mobile, and cloud networks; and Shunra NV for HP software that improves an organization's. Shunra is the industry-recognized leader in Application Performance Engineering (APE) and a pioneer in Northeastern US Cloud Computing Companies.