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Cap88 pc

An updated version of CAP PC version is now available for beta test use ONLY. View the CAP PC Version Beta Testing Request. CAP PC Version 4 Training. The CAP (Clean Air Act Assessment Package - ) computer model is a set of computer programs. The latest version of the CAPPC computer model, Version 4, has many changes and improvements from previous versions. The most significant of these .

Health Phys. Aug;(2 Suppl 2):S doi: /HP. Comparison of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's CAP88 PC. RSIC CODE PACKAGE CCC‑ 1. NAME AND TITLE. CAP‑ Clean Air Act Assessment Package. CAP‑88 is an updated version of the CCC‑/CAAC. CAP is not an appropriate program for modeling short term or “accidental” releases for a few reasons. The software uses dose/risk conversion factors that rely.

Radiation Risk Assessment Software: CAP88 and. CAP88 PC. Get e-mail updates when updates are available. On this page: Downloads. CAPPC is an approval system for demonstrating compliance with 40 CFR 61 Subpart H, the. Clean Air Act (NSHAP) standard which applies to U.S. Comparison of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's CAP88 PC Versions and Tim Jannik, Eduardo B. Farfan, Ken Dixon, Joseph.