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Faster than light mods

What are mods? Mods are fan-made alterations to games which allow them to look and act different than the original. In the case of FTL, the community has. No matter if you are new to FTL modding or an experienced mod user - this is the place to get an overview of new and old mods for FTL. Hot mods. Disable Rebel Pursuit - Advanced Edition. Slipstream Mod Manager v () by Vhati. FTL Homeworld -Savegame Manager. Normandy SR2. Obsidian Cruiser. Firefly - Serenity. Top files - Mods - Disable Rebel Pursuit - Normandy SR2.

Mods. FTL: Faster Than Light has a small, though active modding community. Modding FTL is relatively easy and limited, however it allows for a great deal of customization. New. Better Planets and Backgrounds Faster Than Light. FTL Starcraft Conversion Faster Than Light. FTL Remastered Faster Than Light. FTL:SUPREMACY Faster Than Light. FTL- The Rebel Flagship Faster Than Light. FTL:AE Custom Arwing Faster Than Light. Sonata Faster Than Light. FTL-Star Wars Faster Than Light. This FTL mod is a work in progress - originally on a much larger scale, but the release of the game's Advanced Edition DLC changed so many.

I am looking for some quality of life mods (maybe something that quickly displays how much power you have to allocate when you hover over). Credit for finding the actual method of doing this goes to DisposableNinja from the official FTL forums, although it should be noted that Modding. Many new mod threads have spawned on the official FTL Forum. However, it should be noted that Subset games have yet to officially endorse. 15 Jun - 7 min - Uploaded by PGeo36 Master Mod List: FTL on Steam.