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Coldfusion custom tags

Custom tags let you extend CFML by adding your own tags to the ones supplied with ColdFusion. After you define a custom tag, you can use it. Extend CFML by creating custom CFML tags that encapsulate common code. Because custom tags are individual ColdFusion pages, variables and other data are not automatically shared between a custom tag and the.

Learn all about custom tags and importing tag libraries with this Free Open Source ColdFusion training course, Learn CF in a Week. How do I use Custom Tags with ColdFusion, Linux and Windows, SQL, Coldfusion, and WebMatrix hosting backed by world class 24x7x toll free. Building a simple ColdFusion custom tag is as easy as: A simple custom tag. create a file called #DateFormat(Now().

Chief Software Engineer, Epicenter Consulting; Author of Kinky Solutions blog (; Adobe Community Expert; Adobe Certified ColdFusion. NET-like web controls using ColdFusion custom tags. His web controls were fairly high-level; they did things like accept a query and text/value. Last week or so a reader asked if I would quickly demonstrate how I use custom tags for layout. This is something I've done for many years now. Now a days it seems like every one talks about CFCs, or UDFs, and almost no one talks about custom tags. While they are a bit slower than.