The Woman Who Dreamed

As a little girl, I believed in magical things. While there were moments that can’t be described as such, picture and story have always helped to create that magical About Shantaspace. Life is such a collection of shared moments. Some are ones that we wish to forget while others we want to kidnap into an eternal space of remembering. In my mind, photography gives us that ability to journey into any past, remain in an eternal present, or envision infinite futures. Photography and pictures are also visual stories extending an emotional invitation through which our eyes are just an initial doorway.Shanta LE

Life is delicious, sassy, spicy and at times, quite a ride. During this adventure, I like to capture the various through visual storytelling by way of photography. In many ways, my work is my invitation to you and an attempt to share a piece of my moments and vision with you. I often get lost in images and hopefully, I can help you to temporarily wander.
More about Shanta

Shanta L.E. is originally from Hartford, Connecticut. The seeds for a love affair with beautiful images were planted when Shanta fell in love with a Nikon camera owned by her parents. She snuck the camera out of the house while packing up for her first year of college. The passion for photography was further nurtured during he first trip to Uganda, Africa. In October 2011, Shanta traveled to India for five months. In between jobs at the time, she referred to this experience as “ opportunity to take a break from the economy and have a rare experience of seeing the world.” Shanta shared some of her experiences in her photography show debut “Surrender.”

Writing, dance, and the collection of fairytales/stories/mythology from various cultures are just a few things that have become staples in Shanta’s life. She also is a multi-faceted professional with a background that includes management, advocacy, and workshop/program creation/implementation. Shanta has a Masters in Business and an undergraduate degree in Women, Gender and Sexuality.