A Night with Queen Anne & Her Lace

This photo was inspired by an evening walk and a conversation that took place.  It was the first time I saw Queen Anne’s lace during this particular evening adventure.  The stars and the moon appeared like bright shiny objects against the backdrop of the midnight sky.  The short exchange is shared from a recent conversation and is an illustration of the power of perception amidst the transition of seasons.


_DSC0318 copyA man and a woman argue.  He points out his perception that she had the hope of falling in love with him.  He further pointed out the night that he took her into a field as proof that she wanted to fall in love with him by stating,”You had hope, I saw it that night I took you to the field and showed you Queen Ann’s Lace, you were looking for love.”

She responded, “Love?  Hope?  You took me to a field of dead things.  Like looking into an empty grocery bag, that night it became crystal clear.  I knew you had nothing for me.”

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