I love abandoned places for all of the things they say and the silences they keep.   This series of pictures features Hyde Manor located in Sudbury, Vermont.  The property is easy to miss but peeks out subtly between the trees along the road.     Hints of the beauty that it was and still holds […]


Something About Death

I am not sure when it happened but I started to appreciate cemeteries.  As a little girl, I would entertain myself in the back seat while my parents (or whoever else was in the car) would focus on their own affairs.  One of the things I remember most is passing a large cemetery and being […]


I got a chance to return to my favorite route in Vermont (and of course there are many!) and what I did not expect was to find imagery about a topic that has plagued me.  The topic of forgiveness.  We often repeat quotes about needing to set ourselves free by forgiving others.  But what if […]


Roadside Stream Lust

There are many moments I decide that I want to just take a drive to take pictures but I am never sure what muse will present itself on that given day.  In this instance, streams along the road caught my eye and inspired writing, contemplation and of course, photos!   I go by many names […]