My Life in Adventure: Scenes from 2015 (Part 2)

This is part 2 of my tribute to my adventures of 2015.  There were also many hello’s and goodbyes.

It was a year of learning how to ride a motorcycle.  I learned on this Ducati Scrambler and eventually got my motorcycle license.  While I continue to have a healthy dose of fear of motorcycles, I am excited for my next chapter in adventuring.


I said hello to different ways of delving deep.  This is the start of a project I am working on reflecting on the conversations we all have with ourselves that we do not always show the world.  Consider it a Post Secret for the self.


Unexpected adventures brought me to new loves.  I was always fond of corn fields….but this time instead of just looking at them from afar….I climbed right in!


There were also some encounters that reminded me about the depth and layers of story that exist within things.  This fact is perhaps why I am in love with abandoned things.




There were also some adventures that came to an end either abruptly, with ease, or something in between those two extremes.  This is a snapshot from a place that was once my “there” while I complained about my “here.”   This place was magical in many ways.


In 2015, there were some adventures that taught me when and where to trespass…


The truth is, there are places we should not enter or can not enter even if we find the door ajar, an opening an a fence, or an open window…


And of course, there are the places that can only be invaded by shadows.  Here’s to a fond, strange, and adventurous 2015.  


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