My Life in Adventure: Scenes from 2015 (Part 1)

The ending of every year prompts all of us to enter into reflection mode.  We think about what we’ve seen, what we’ve done, who we’ve met, and things we have heard.  Inevitably, there are also people. places or things we wish to unsee, undo and perhaps unhear also filled with unforgettable lessons.

I wanted to pay homage to my 2015 in pictures sharing my adventures, some of the things I dared to do or places that I rebelliously entered.  In many ways, some of these images speak to an ongoing journey within myself as well.


The ongoing mixed feelings with the selfie.  I tried my hand at exploring new things.  I personally struggle with selfies because I have selfied myself through my writing for over 20 years.  But, 2015 showed me that I could point the camera towards myself and explore new territory.



New Collaborations.  These are both from ongoing photography projects.  The top picture is from a series that I am working on with singer/song writer, WildlyCreative.World co-founder Mynah Marie.   Fragments explores the different selves that live within us.    The second photo is an ongoing adventure with Ian McBean including themes of death, vices, and surrealism.


The beginning of life long friendships with fellow adventurers.  Instead of being able to time travel with Doctor Who, I’ve gotten a chance to introduce my photography buddy (and many others) to my love of abandoned places.  As it has been often said in movies….this is the beginning of many amazing things.


Appreciation for the change of season and the entanglement of life & death as shown through the eyes of nature.


A reminder that home can be whatever you design or create it to be even if the geographic location is not always where your heart is.


Notes written by unknown hands include their very own adventures hidden within cryptic statements.


Sometimes the adventures we seek are encapsulated within the places we revisit and explore with new eyes finding new treasures.


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