Naruto rikudo mugen char download

Naruto rikudo mugen char

MUGEN Archive. Downloads: Naruto Rikudo. Close This Would Be Great If It Didn't Tell Me I Have To Wait To Download:(I Like This. Cliff - Naruto Rikudou Char and any tips on making a mugen character? Hmm finally I take char now and I extract the Naruto sprites and I. The Mugen Fighters Guild - Naruto Bijuu. There is no char that inspire me now, I would like to make a Obito Rikudo, but there is a good.

Indra Otsutsuki NZC Naruto MUGEN Character Preview Youtube Author: Sektor San Size: MB Download Sendspace. . Madara Rikudou MUGEN. Chars: Naruto: Mikel (Transform Chakra Mode, Bijuu Mode, Mikel / Obito: CobraG6, Mikel (Normal and Rikudou Mode). Debug Keys In Mugen F1 = Reduces Player 2 Life To Zero F2 = Reduces All To HP Of 1. F3 = Restores All Players Power To Max F4 = Restarts.