Childhood Stories: The Enduring Muse…..Alice

As a little girl, Alice in Wonderland was nothing more than a little girl who happened upon an alternate world.  As an adult, the story and the images from the story became more about the permission to enjoy adventure, wildness, and the creation of an alternate world or reality without apology.

Alice is an enduring muse for us to become comfortable with our lands of confusion or becoming kidnapped to ourselves in a world of our own making.  The possibility that Alice never truly just fell down the rabbit hole, but that she in fact created it.  These photos are in many ways an homage to that enduring story that I first loved as a child and continued to adore as an adult.

Dearest Alice, may you continue to show us the way to our very own rabbit holes…..

IMG_0482_new IMG_0537_new IMG_0517_new IMG_0595_new IMG_0130_new IMG_0115_new

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